It provides for internal rules for requesting internships and academic exchanges in medicine in undergraduate course, coming from other education universities.
According to the Rules of the Coordinator of Undergraduate Medical Program, approved at the First Regular Meeting of the Congregation held on 26/02/10, regulates internal rules for placements and academic exchanges in the course of Graduate in Medicine.

Article 1 - Requests for academic stages made from students who attend Medicine course in Brazilian institutions or from other country should be regulated by an agreement signed with UNICAMP.
Article 2 - Requests for academic stages made from Coordination of International Institutions will be reviewed based on the criteria set forth herein.
Paragraph 1 - The interested student must submit the following documents in Portuguese or English:

a-) letter of interest indicating the desired area;
b-) Academic records and Curriculum Vitae;
c) Cover Letter of the Institution of origin;

Article 3 - The stage must have at last 30 days and will take place in activities which do not compete with regular disciplines of SMS-UNICAMP, avoiding damage to the utilization of undergraduates.
Sole Paragraph - The student can carry a maximum of two stages of 30 days.
Article 4 - The internships will be provided for activities with the specialty departments and care services under their responsibility, defining teacher responsible for the progress of the stage and the evaluation of trainee achievement.
Article 5 - The Office of Undergraduate Program will forward the interested party to the respective department documentation so that it manifests itself in relation to the request, forwarding to this Coordination Stage Plan and office indicating the teacher responsible for the student, if approved.
Sole Paragraph: If the application is disapproved, the Department shall send the letter with justification of the reasons the rejection.
Article 6 - After the acceptance of the Department and approval stage, the Coordinator of the course will forward all documentation to the Education Committee for approval stage. The documentation will then be sent to the Executive Vice-Rector for International Relations (VRERI) University for action.
Article 7 - From the proceeding of this documentation, all the guidance the student will be provided by VRERI, including the necessary documentation with certified translation for the settlement stage.
Article 8 - The declaration on the stage of compliance and its use will be issued by the Coordination of the SMS-UNICAMP.

Information and contact:
Ronny Ferreira Roberto Padilla
Secretary of the Undergraduate Course in Medicine
e-mail:; Phone: + (55) 19 3521-8867



The applicant should contact a teacher / advisor's intended course, expressing interest in joining the program. After teaching accepting guide you, the applicant must fill out the registration form in the selection process according the calendar information. Submit to the selection of foreign students, which have specifics rules (curriculum assessment, design of research, etc.).
See our programs and information about teachers, lines of research and selection of bids for:

Among the documents necessary for admission, if issued by institutions based abroad:
Certified copy of birth certificate: translated by a sworn translator and recognized by the consulate authority;
Certified copy of college degree: translated by a sworn translator and recognized by the consulate authority.

In order to be valid in national territory, the documents produced abroad must be authenticated by Brazilian consular office in the country of origin of the documents, and translated by a sworn translator. Before arrive to Brazil, the interested student must attend the Brazilian consular office in the country of origin of the documents to authenticate them. Documents issued electronically must be signed by the higher education institution that dispatch, and authenticated by the Brazilian consular office in the country of origin.

Information and contact: Bruno Alves Pereira
Commission's Technical Assistant Graduate-SMS
e-mail:; Phone: + (55) 19 3521-8861