clinical case

Hypogonadism and Infertility

Clinical background: Twenty seven year-old male patient is referred to our infertility clinic. He has been married for 5 years with a 2 year infertility history. His wife is 26 years-old with no identifiable female factor.

Prostate Cancer and new applicability of the Gleason score in the prognostic evaluation.

A male patient, 50 yo, came to the urology service with no formal complaints, wishing a prostatic cancer screening. He had an unremarkable past medical history.

Renal Tumor - urothelial carcinoma with lipid cell variant

Clinical background

Eighty one year-old male patient with a striking weight loss of 12 kilos within 3 months. Abdominal CT scan reveals a right renal mass.  Patient denies urinary symptoms. Former smoker, stoped 12 years ago. 

Infected calycinal diverticulum

History: 61 year-old female patient seeks medical attention with a complaint of dysuria, polacyuria and urgency for 3 days.  She denies fever or lumbar pain. She has a well controlled type II diabetes.

Urethral stenosis in a female patient

Urethroplasty with muccosal graft from vaginal labia minora

Fifty-four year-old female patient with a difficulty to void for the past 10 years. She refers progressive worsening of voiding flow with partial improvement following weekly urethral dilation.

Complicated acute pyelonephritis

Fifty four year-old female patient  comes to Urology office with a complaint of nocturnal fever, episodes of vomiting and left flank pain for 3 months. She lost 10 kg in this period.