Technical Visit International Office “Medical University Innsbruck - MUI” - Austria

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In September, 2018 Débora Coraça-Huber - researcher and docent from the Medical University Innsbruck (MUI) visited the School of Medical Sciences of the University of Campinas (SMS-Unicamp) and met Prof. Dr. Claudio Coy - Dean of the School of Medical Science Unicamp, Prof. Dr. Gustavo Fraga - Coordinator of International Office and Prof. Dr. Nelson Andreollo - Professor of Surgery Department.

After this meeting, the SMS- Unicamp and MUI decided to establish an International Academic Cooperation Agreement for exchange of students aiming the realization of internships and research collaborations between students, professors and technical-administrative personal from each institution.

During March 18-25 of 2019, Ms. Clariza Casimiro, secretary of the International Offices of the School of the Medical Science Unicamp , was able to visit the Medical University of Innsbruck in Austria, meeting the International Office’s  staff as well as Dr. Coraça-Huber`s lab. She handed over the document for International Academic Cooperation Agreement signed by the Rector of Unicamp and also visited  the laboratories, training rooms, classrooms and hospital complex of MUI.

There are four persons that work at the International Office of MUI. One manager and three secretaries that organize the programs internships: ERASMUS - Europe students, Asian students and North / South Americans students. ERASMUS is the main project because is the one with the highest number of the students in exchange programs around Europe and some additional countries. The process for applying for such programs is the same of the SMS -Unicamp. The students access the link and fill up the forms direct on the platform of the International Office. After that, the staff from each department organize the visits and program which the students will take part of.

It is already confirmed that two medical students from MUI will develop internships at SMS Unicamp. One on May 2019 and another one in 2020. Medical University of Innsbruck is a young research center with a long tradition. The Jesuits established a grammar school in Innsbruck as early as 1562. These were the foundations of the University that was inaugurated by Emperor Leopold I on 15 October 1669 (thus the name ‘Leopold-Franzens University’). The Medical University of Innsbruck was one of the first four faculties (Philosophy 1669, Faculty of Law 1670, Faculty of Theology 1670 and Faculty of Medicine 1674) of the University of Innsbruck. It has been an important flagship for the university throughout its 340-year history.

In the heart of the Tyrol, and consequently in the heart of the Alps, the Medical University of Innsbruck provides the best conditions for successful research, studies and teaching at an attractive location. The main objectives of the Medical University of Innsbruck are to provide top quality teaching and training, world-class research and continuous advancements in top-flight medicine. The organizational units of the MUI are divided into medical theory, clinical practice and further (service) facilities.

Within the framework of the University Act of 2002, the medical faculty was separated from the Leopold-Franzens University, and in 2004 the Medical University of Innsbruck was established as a university in its own right. Today, the Med-Uni has some 3,000 students and 2,000 employees. It is the most important medical research and training facility in western Austria and the home university of many Tyroleans, South Tyroleans and students from the Province of Vorarlberg.

Innsbruck is a wonderful, cozy city surrounded by mountains and the Alpes, with baroque architecture and nice people. There are many students there because of the universities and many tourists too. The favorite sport in Innsbruck is skiing in winter and hiking in summer, although the people in the city are quite sporty and very active. The typical food and of course the beer in Innsbruck is great.

It is worth visiting Innsbruck!