Program 15 in the university´s course catalog
Full-time day program
Duration: 6 years

Including the most common emergencies and basic life support measures : for adults, adolescents and children of both sexes in accordance with the hierarchy of care provision in the federal Unified Health System (SUS). They will be able to provide complete care for individuals and the community, creating links with and taking responsibility for their patients, identifying more common health risks and acting preventively. The medicine program will enable them to adopt a discerning attitude in the face of the economic, financial and organizational situation of the health system and to take into consideration issues related to cost/benefit and fairness. They will also be able to work in teams and to incorporate technologies in a critical manner; to apply ethical and humanist principles in their relations with people and the community in order to promote the defense of the individual and respect the principles of citizenship with a view to reducing inequality; to optimize the use of laboratory and clinical diagnostic resources and value all aspects of the clinical method; to diagnose and treat diseases in pregnant women, children, adults and the elderly using the criteria of priority and potential for morbidity; and to adopt a critical approach to their professional lives so that they are in tune with the prevailing social, political and historical context and embody the possibility of transformation.

To graduate from this program, students must obtain a total of 591 credits, corresponding to 8,841 hours of supervised activities that may be completed in 12 semesters, or a maximum of 18 semesters, as described in the suggested curricular schedule. The maximum number of credits allowed per semester is 98.

The medical profession and practice are governed by Federal Law no. 003268 (September 30, 1957) and regulated by Federal Decree no. 044045 (July 19, 1958).

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