Anesthesiology resident physician in Portugal undertakes 1-month internship at HC Unicamp

Enviado por Camila Delmondes em Thu, 18/11/2021 - 09:06

Dr. João Castedo, 4th year resident in Anaesthesiology at Hospital Pedro Hispano, in Matosinhos, Portugal, completed 9 months of intensive care and decided to have more experience treating trauma patients in the emergency room and in the intensive care unit. The choice of Hospital de Clínicas (HC) of University of Campinas (Unicamp) was an easy decision due to the enormous experience and quality of the medical team in leading with the most horrifying and complex cases. 

“My internship was very important for my training as an anesthesiologist as I was able to see a large number of trauma patients where the initial resuscitation treatment, secondary and definitive treatment avoided the most probable outcome: death. I truly felt very welcome, having been integrated into the Trauma ICU, the first intensive care unit fully dedicated to trauma patients I have ever seen. The entire team was very friendly and there was a huge effort to exchange knowledge, always with the goal to improve the outcome for the patients”, explained.

He completed: “Finally, I would like to thank Professor Gustavo Fraga and all the intensivists and surgeons I had the pleasure of contacting during this internship, as they all represented a huge encouragement and example, allowing me to progress in my clinical practice, both at a theoretical and practical level, as well as at a human level. I emphasize the enormous evolution felt after the conclusion of the internship, something impossible without the encouragement and didactic posture of all the medical team, especially Professor César Carmona”.