Laboratório Saúde Coletiva e Saúde Mental - Interfaces



The research group Interfaces was created in 2004, in order to establish an interdisciplinary field between public health and mental health. Main guidelines:


  • Reclaiming and guaranteeing the roles of various social actors to shape the assessment process.

  • Addressing the need for collecting and standardizing academic studies.

  • Promoting a new research field focusing on public health policies to support policymakers, managers, and health teams in reshaping their practices. To know more click on "Sobre nós".

The Interfaces Group also collaborates with the ARUCI - International Alliance for Research on Universities-Communities on Mental Health and Citizenship (ARUCI-SMC), the result of a partnership between the Université de Montréal, Quebéc, Canada, and UNICAMP.

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Interfaces no Abrascão 2018

Diário de Bordo para trabalhadores e gestores em percursos de Desinstitucionalização


Guia da Gestão Autônoma da Medicação - GAM




Guia do Moderador - GAM Moderador




Guia do Usuário da Saúde Mental - GUSM


Resultado de imagen para Guia do Usuário da Saúde Mental - GUSM



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