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20/05/2022 SMS Unicamp received medical student from Technische Universität München, Germany
13/05/2022 Postgraduate Program in Surgical Sciences organized Master Thesis Defense with international Professor
13/04/2022 Unicamp medical student presented the case at Trauma Tele Grand Round
29/11/2021 SMS - Unicamp organized the VIII Symposium of Student Exchange
18/11/2021 Anesthesiology resident physician in Portugal undertakes 1-month internship at HC Unicamp
07/11/2021 Assistant Professor of SMS - UNICAMP - the only Brazilian lecturer at the American Society of Anesthesiologists Congress
07/11/2021 Professor from Department of Surgery of SMS - Unicamp has participated at international webinars
20/08/2021 SMS - Unicamp received pre-medical student from Florida, USA
27/05/2021 Advances in AI and genomics: creating a revolution in healthcare
02/03/2021 Molecular Bioengineering, Nanobiophysics as well as Regenerative Biology and Medicine in Germany
11/02/2021 University of Padua, Italy, launched the third edition of STARS Starting Grants
03/12/2020 Topics in Surgical Sciences of the Postgraduate Program in Surgery Sciences - SMS received international speakers this semester
03/12/2020 VII Symposium of Student Exchange was organized virtually by SMS - Unicamp
10/11/2020 International Student Congress of (bio)Medical Sciences (ISCOMS) in Groningen
29/09/2020 Past residents from Department of Surgery of SMS - Unicamp came back from Birmingham, UK, to Sao Paulo
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